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 7 Apr 2003 9/20/2019 3:53:07 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Lucky lady win top prize again with Good Luck candle.
Another email letter send by this Lucky lady to thanks us on the Lucky Candle she get from us.

Hi KL Tan/Hai Tong,

I hv had followed this Direct No 0138 (my house unit No) for past 3 years. Last Saturday I went to your office to buy more of those 'Lucky Candles' which had helped me to hit 1st Prize 7887 last Sunday and I consulted K.L. Tan how this No performs? He advise me that it would hit within 3-4 draws. I lit one candle from Saturday to Sunday afternoon and once again, I hit the 3rd Prize 0138, this direct number has not hit since October 1999.

This is really marvelleous as I have broken the egg for this Direct No 0138 and I felt very happy even if I did not hit very Big Money! This happens to be an April Season No so I have raisen my stake a little and it really hits, now being only the beginning of April eh! I have a feeling that it may repeat again this month.

These Lucky Candles did really boost up my luck in winning Top Prizes and they really smell good in my house whenever I lit them up.

Once again, thank you for the good recommendation on the Candles.

TTTTP always.

Regards - Happy Lady
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