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 27 Jan 2003 9/19/2019 1:37:34 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
All 5 sets of number strike in one 4-D consultation within 2 weeks.
Dear KL Tan, I am writing to thank you helping to win a total of $1374. It started on 11 Jan 2003 when I came to your office for a session on consultation of 4-D numbers. As I do not have any numbers in mind, you then recommended 5 sets of ABCD numbers to me and all five sets of numbers came out with 2 weeks. On 18 Jan 2003 I hit system number 0245 and 1458 starter and also 5418 direct and won a total of $750. On 22 Jan 2003 I have won 1247 system bet consolation and won $62. On 25 Jan 2003, I have won 0578 system bet consolation and lastly on 26 Jan 2003 a third prize on 0123 system and won $500. I am indeed very happy with the amount of hit; it is through your expert opinion on the analysis that I have won. Happy Lucky Lady Clementi
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