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 26 Dec 2002 9/19/2019 5:38:22 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Course participant won $12,000.
Dear KL and Hai Tong,

I am very glad that now I have the opportunity to write to both of you to share my joy of winning and also to thank both for the unselfish and unreserved contribution to the e-group members.

For those who have yet to know them, I would suggest that you guys attend their courses to understand them better. In fact I have attended their classes many times and each time I learnt and pick up new techniques, like what Hai Tong always mentioned repetition do not hurt you, in fact it helps. When I attended the Win4D courses on the 13 Dec 2002, it was my 3rd time attending. During the class, the 0247 system was mention as a case study. Both KL and Hai Tong kept mentioning that in most cases when there is a long rest, and after it has appear, that is a likelihood that it will come as short gap. From that day onwards, I have been using the Win4D professional to monitor this sets of system number (0247) and at the same time kept buying the system bet on this sets of number. Indeed after 3 draws the system number 0247 came in 1st Prize and I won a total of $12,000. I must admit that without attending the courses, I would not have learnt nor observe such pattern.

To KL and Hai Tong, I truly salute you people for the expert opinion and also the powerful Win4D pro software. In fact my winning have improve a lot with both the courses and Win4D software and also the current Web page tools, in particular the T-graph.

Always Win
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