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 2 Dec 2002 9/20/2019 5:57:23 PM
Posted By : Kang Hai Tong
Win4D Course Participant Won $5000
Hi KL Tan,
Please accept my sincere thanks to both you and Hai Tong. Without you and Hai Tong I would not have been $5000 richer. It all begins from the sincere service of Hai Tong who took some time to explain to me on the 4-D software sometime on 20 Nov 2002 at your office. I am very convinced on the both the software, however due to budget I can only afford the win4d basic. During the demonstration I realized that Hai Tong is very well versed with the software, it then dawn on me that I should attend the win4 courses to be like him or if possible near his standard. I must stress that while attending the win 4d courses, I do not have any win4d pro yet. The decision to go for the course is solely to pick the skill and knowledge. During the lesson, Hai Tong has mentioned a very good point on gap distribution. I must acknowledge that the lesson conducted is not only enlightening but also very interesting; you certainly will not fall asleep. I was so thrilled of what I have learnt and immediately put into practice and I then discovered that the usual 2760 4d numbers I have been buying falls under the similar case study illustrated by Hai Tong coupled with 2760 was highlighted by Win 4d Basic to have chances of 71 per cent. I then went ahead with 2760 and bought $5B for 2 days. I am indeed very happy to learn that I strike 2nd Prize on 1 Dec 2002 on 2760. Now I am able to afford the win 4d pro 1.5 and also my courses is reimbursed from my winning. May I suggest and encourage those who have yet to attend the win4d courses do go for it, if not you will surely regret it.

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