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 27 Nov 2002 9/20/2019 10:43:10 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Thank you letter from Win4D Pro User
Dear KL Tan,

I visited your office on 20 Nov 2002 at about 11.00am in the morning to have a look at your Win4d Basic. But were eventually convinced by Michael Kang to buy the so call powerful Win4D pro 1.5 version. At the same time I was also introduced to join the Win4D eGroups.

While at home, after log into the Win4D eGroup, I notice 4579 was one of the number being posted by Catherine Lim(one of the member). I then went ahead to check the number using Win4D pro and discovered that this set of number is one of the high frequently winning number. I then went ahead to buy $1 system on 4579.

I was very happy to see myself having to win $250. That means that my Win4D pro software is fully reimbursed. Since I started playing 4-D about 3 years ago I have not won a single prize on 4-D. Right now I am more confident with the help of Win4D pro and also the eGroups.

Though I only won $250, I wrote this letter is to share my joy with you, Michael Kang and Catherine Lim. I am glad that I bought the software immediately if not I would not won immediately.


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