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 27 Nov 2002 9/20/2019 10:40:58 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Another $9000 Winner
Hi KL Tan,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful and powerful software that I have come across so far, it is none other than your Win 4-D Pro. 1.5 version. It has made me richer by $9000 more and is on time for my Christmas Holiday.

I have bought your software sometime in 2001 and it was Michael Kang who convinces me to buy it. I must say I am very convinced to buy. For the past one-year plus your web and also your technical support for the customer is really superb. I must say you indeed put your customer first before the sale. I am one of those who play 4-D numbers using the Best Chance method on different pattern and I normally system bet the numbers.
However on 10 Nov 2002 after picking up the system number 1255 under the best chance I decided that for this time round, I will use what you taught me under the F-5 function of Win 4-D Pro and look up for Direct 2D analysis. From the analysis, I noticed that 52xx is good. I then decided to buy the direct numbers 5215. The direct number 5215 came in as 1st prize, which I bought with $3 Big with $1 Small and I won a total of $9000.

I must say that I strike more this time with the software. Once again a very Big Thank you to you and Michael.

Alex the Great

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