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Company Profile

The mission of our company is to share the joy of helping people to invest a small amount for the possibility of a high return.

Our company has been established since 1996. Our mission is to educate and provide consultation as a professional service to the many lottery investors - mainly 4-D players. We aspire to help serious investors to play in a smart way.

Why Have We Come Up With A System Of Analysis?

As in any form of investment, research and analysis are essential parts of pre-requisites before one makes a decision to part with his hard-earned savings to invest in what he feels will give a high return. The members of our team have explored many avenues of investments, and have seriously concluded that lottery investment, mainly 4-D investments, has a possible high rate of return if one has a basic skills of proper analysis and not dependant on pure luck.

Why 4-D And Not Other Forms Of Investment?

As mentioned, other forms of investments require a large outlay of cash upfront. In addition, many people need to apply for loans and need to pay a high interest rate for the repayment. In addition, there is no guarantee of a return. The investor may even lose his entire investment and further forge out extra cash to service the interest and principal loan.

With our extensive research into the history of lottery results, we have formulated high-percentage possibility of calculation of the forth-coming draws.

Who Are Our Target Investors?

Playing 4-D is not a matter of pure luck. It is a skill of precise calculation and analysis into the possible outcome. We are reaching out not only to the serious investors who are keen to learn the skill and make a profit by investing in 4-D, as an experience investor, but also for those who have been playing 4-D as a part and parcel of their habitual life style.

How We Have Come Up With This 'Mission'

From the age 19, Mr. KL Tan has been playing 4-D like many others. Just as most people, he starting buying numbers based on intuition and hoped that the 'good luck fortune' would be bestowed upon him. His Disappointment is no difference from other investors after much thought he had decided to do some 'homework' and did a through study of the history of 4-D results. He then observed a random pattern and was able to analyze and derive a high percentage of accuracy in the possible outcome of the next few draws.

The 'Sin Min Daily' had also interviewed Mr. Tan on the 11 Dec 2001. The reporters were impressed by his analysis of 4-D predictions of the possible outcomes. Of course there is no 100% full prove guarantee of a strike, however, with a proper study and serious calculation, the possibility of a strike is very much higher than waiting for a 'lucky star' to shine upon the investor!

On Jan 9 2004, we are featured in the local TV program "Front line". It is an interview on how can a 4-D software helps in playing 4-D more intelligently. Also within the programme, a cross review by one of the lawyer about our business legality and the services that we provided.

What Can Our Company Provide?

Based on Mr. KL Tan's research and study, he has developed a system of planning and methodology into the analysis of 4-D data. He has improvised a tool, 'Win 4-D Professional Software', to pin-point and filter the lists of 10,000 numbers to a few sets of numbers that have a high percentage of being drawn in the most current or at least the next immediate few draws. Our latest software is "Win 4-D Advance", it is windows base and much more user friend.

Our company is the first to create such an analysis tool and our research and development is always on the move with the technological advancement.

We have also considered clients who do not possess a computer in their home. We have thus provided a service to the hand-phone user by sending an sms message to the hand-phone of the subscriber on the 4-D analysis possible outcome for the next draw(s).

We have form an forum, where members can discuss the outcome of numbers drawn as well as analyse and predict the possible outcome of the next few draws. This communities are like a family to all of us where we truely share our joy and winning together.

In our 4-D Search programme, we have accumulated a historical data of the past 4-D results and have tabulated them to present in a simplified way such that the viewer is able to understand, observe and make an analysis of the out comes of the numbers that have been drawn. With the statistics and graph presented, one is able to drive an insight to the pattern of the numbers drawn. We also provide a summary of the best performance numbers, the overdue numbers and the numbers with the best chance of being drawn with next few current draws. In addition, we provide a monthly analysis of the 'Hot' ABCD, AABC, AABB, and AAAB numbers with a high chances of being drawn for the current month. Last but not least, we provide the latest 4-D results as well as a review of the forecasted numbers to reflect the percentage of accuracy of our analysis.

We have also organized a series of course, for investors who are interested to know more about our products and how to better utilize their limited resources for a high return. The courses have been divided into three modules, namely, Basic, Intermediate and Advances.

In the Basic Course, we will be introducing the Win4D software, and teach the participants how to make use of the functions provided. The follow-up Intermediate Course, will further present the details on how to analyse the past 4-D results drawn, and to forecast the numbers to be drawn for the coming draws. We will also help the participants to develop their skill to narrow down the list of recommended numbers with a high chance of probability of being drawn. In the final module, we will provide a one-to-one individual discussion and evaluation of the investor's budget and recommend the best way to distribution his investment to ensure a high possibility of return in the long run.

We are not looking for a short-term relationship with our clients. We hope that with our correspondence and continuous development of the skills of analysis in the game of 4-D so that we can work together and widen our circle of privilege individuals. Members can even contribute ideas and suggestions for the benefit of the whole teams.

Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd are not affiliated with any state lottery operator.

A Final Note

We are glad that you have taken your precious time to let us share our mission and enthusiasm to educate and help those who are serious in investment. A minimum sum of investment may provide you with a possibility of very high return.


Our Teams

Chief Executive Officer, Director --- KL Tan
KL Tan has superior knowledge in Internet and software technologies. His understanding in these areas allows him to build a powerful analysis system. His strength lies in the conceptualization and formulation of numerical analysis with mathematic and statistic.

Business Development Manager - Michael Kang
Michael oversees both the internal and external sales at Assemblix. He worked in the Marketing and Investment consultants fields.

Head Office:
Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road
#27-15 International Plaza
Singapore 079903
Company Reg. No.: 200413283D
Tel: 92300837, 93881524

Operating Hour: Monday to Friday
10:00am to 6:00pm
Web:, and

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