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What you see here is the actual detection numbers on our 4D course every week. In the past, many 4D players are amazed by some news of how people can forecast 4D accurately to hit top 3 prizes within a month time. Today, this is not relevant anymore because players are now looking for forecast as accurate as immediately to hit on next 3 draws. Can we achieve this? The answer is right below.

It is not a fiction anymore, with the improvement of software technology, the technique of forecasting the most probable 4D numbers for next draw are getting better each day. Whether you believe it or not, the time to play smart is now!

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Course Date: 06 August 2009


Course Date: 30 July 2009


Course Date: 23 July 2009


Course Date: 16 July 2009


Course Date: 02 July 2009


Course Date: 25 June 2009


Course Date: 18 June 2009


Course Date: 11 June 2009


Course Date: 20 April (Week #3)


Course Date: 13 April (Week #2)


Course Date: 6 April (Week #1)


Course Date: 4 April


Course Date: 30 March (Week #5)

Course Date: 22 March (Week #4)


Course Date: 16 March (Week #3)


Course Date: 10 March (Week #2)

Course Date: 2 March (Week #1)


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